Department of Medical Education and Research

Government of Punjab



Instructions / Guide Regarding e-Receipt Payment

1.            Visit https://ifms.punjab.gov.in/eRct/login

2.           Register or login

a.            District Treasury: 18. SAS Nagar Mohali

b.           Sub District Treasury: 00- District Treasury Office, SAS Nagar.

3.            Create Profile

a.            Profile Name: Any name as you wish

b.           Department : Medical Education and Research

c.            Sub Department : Research and Medical Education-MER

d.           Major Head : 0210-Medical and Public Health

e.            District Treasury : 18-S.A.S Nagar Mohali

f.             Sub District Treasury : 00- District Treasury Office, SAS Nagar

g.            Office Name : SAS00/0302-Directorate Medical Education and Research (Medical Sikhiya Bhavan)

h.           Submit

4.            Make Payment

a.            Nature of Payment : Fee

b.           Year : 2023-24

c.            Period : Daily / One Time

d.           Head Structure: 0210-01-800-85-00 (ਫੁਟਕਲ ਪ੍ਰਾਪਤੀਆਂ Miscellaneous Receipts)

5.            Personal Detail : Detail of Applicant

a.            Particular (Please Specify nature / Purpose of payment) : DQ Posts May 2023               

b.           Payment Details : E-Banking

c.            Name of your Bank : Select any one (this is payment gateway) Other banks payment option available on next page after submit

d.           Cash (please select cash for online payment)

e.            Submit

6.            Select your payment bank/method and make payment and download receipt